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Home Maintenance TipsSpring

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

By March 31, 2021 May 12th, 2021 No Comments

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you’ve lived in your house for decades, home maintenance routines can seem a bit daunting at times. But with a little planning and elbow grease, your to-do list can get done in no time. Take a peek at the reminders below to help you gather your thoughts before rolling up your sleeves this spring.


Clean your gutters and downspouts

Don’t allow last fall’s leaves to keep living their lives in the gutter. Grab a pair of gloves and a ladder and toss those soggy leaves out. When you’re done removing all debris, take the garden hose and rinse. When the spring rains come, your house will thank you.


Replace and clean air filters and vents

Dry winter air can promote a massive amount of dander, dust and mold in the air. From your furnace to air purifiers and oven ranges to clothes dryers, the filtration and ventilation systems in your home need a little love.

HVAC filters should be cleaned or replaced more than once a year because dirty filters end up costing you more in the long run due to dust restricting air flow.

Air filters should be replaced every month to three months, while vent grates can just be vacuumed and washed with warm, soapy water and rinsed.

Pay special care to your clothes dryer vent as well. First, disconnect the vent from the back of the dryer and remove lint. After that, take a quick stroll outside and remove the vent cover from the exterior of your home to remove lint from that end as well.

Remember, lint and clogged vents can be fire hazards, so regular maintenance is crucial to keep your home in excellent working order.

Scheduling regular maintenance can prevent close to 95 percent of all HVAC problems. Contact an HVAC technician to come to your home and clean your system.


Check your roof

After getting loads of heavy snow over the winter, it’s always a great idea to check your roof for potential leak spots. If you have an attic, climb on up with a flashlight to check for water stains, marks or mold. If you don’t have access to an attic, get a ladder and check out the shingles. From time to time, you should also take a look indoors at your windows and ceilings for any discoloration or mold as well.


Pressure wash outdoor surfaces

From decks to concrete, a pressure washer is one of the most satisfying tools to add to a homeowner’s arsenal. Trust us; when you see the grime it gets off, you’ll be incredibly satisfied. If you don’t own one, you can rent one from many hardware and home stores or borrow one from a friend. After it’s all squeaky clean, it’s easier to check for necessary repairs.


Make paint touch-ups

Spring is a great time to make paint repairs to your home, fences, and outdoor furniture. It helps protect it from the elements. Fixing chipped paint isn’t just for curb appeal (but that’s certainly a bonus). Be sure you’re getting the right kind of paint so your work isn’t all for naught.


Reseal wooden fences, decks, etc.

To keep the exterior woodwork of your home in prime condition and safe from the elements, stain or reseal them every year or two.


Make sure seals are in good condition

The winter is hard on, well, everything, including sealants around windows and doors. To prevent water from getting in and to help reduce your air conditioning and heating bills, make sure the caulk is still in good shape and make repairs where needed.


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